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Disruptive technologies are penetrating today’s public safety market

At BA Specialist Comms, we provide more than just public safety consulting—we partner with you in your critical mission. That’s because we know that in the complex world of public safety, your communications system forms the backbone of virtually everything you do. Every call. Every record. And it has to be right, every time.

For us, every day brings a chance to do our absolute best.


We develop a sound approach by seeking to understand the challenge, analyzing the data and information available and developing a resolution. Our expertise maintains vendor independence.

Most importantly, we stand behind the importance of the work our clients do—how critical their systems are, not just for their organization, but their entire community. While we are proud to have the largest and most experienced team of specialized professionals in the industry, our greatest pride comes from applying this expertise to develop and implement the best possible solution.


Our people really are our most important asset. While you can’t put a price on the composure, savvy, and responsiveness of our leadership, we feel it all starts with our vibrant and ambitious staff of associates.

We cultivate talent and offer the continued education, mentorship, and hands-on experience it takes to truly grow as a professional in this industry. Since the company’s inception, we have been encouraging and facilitating extraordinary transfers of knowledge. Whether that’s client facing or within our own walls, we emphasize veteran know-how and consistent innovation.

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