Radio, Wireless, Broadband

Radio, wireless and broadband are the lifeblood of public safety communications. BA Specialist Comms helps our clients confidently enhance and evolve their systems by focusing on the strategic and unique operation.

Public Safety Data Integration

Data originating from new, digital-based applications, social media, the Internet of Things, connected devices and crowd-sourcing apps, has the power to raise situational awareness to levels previously unimaginable in 

public safety communications.

We know and understands data sources

Next Generation Networks

With our extensive experience planning, design, procurement and implementation everything broadband related, our project teams have the expertise to recognise the short-term and long-term impacts an LTE architecture will have on your system and mission critical operations. 

Radio equipment hire

New service launched

We are excited to announce a new service in Radio Equipment Hire, check out our dedicated page to understand more. 

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