Radio equipment hire from the people that know communcitions

Equipment hire

Modern solutions

BA Specialist Comms offer the most up to date radio equipment which comes with a wealth of knowledge about radio equipment use. We can design the most cost effective solution for your event, security or site needs. 


We will ensure you have the most suitable technology for you requirements, which in turn means you get value for money, ensuring you are not paying for technology you will never use.

Site survey

We can carry out a full radio site survey/product evaluation before your rental commences to ensure you are covering your required footprint without blackspots. 

Service exchange

We have a no quibble service exchange policy covering all of your equipment. In the event of a product failure, we will dispatch replacements or in the case of a radio system an engineer ( If equipment fails during a weekend/bank holiday we have a team on hand to assist)

A personal service

We provide personalised onsite hire training guides for all user

All equipment can be shipped in heavy-duty transit cases

All equipment can be installed and utilised on fixed sites & into vehicles/cranes with the appropriate mounting

Optional on-site support

If you would like BA Specialist Comms to manage your walkie-talkie radio system whilst it is on hire, we can offer a fully qualified  engineer to be on site for the duration of your hire to give total support leaving your operations team free to manage their event/site. Our engineering team will install all of your equipment and set up in one central, accessible location